One billion stories

Since 1967, Fiskars has sold over a billion pairs of our iconic orange-handled scissors. A billions scissors sold means there must be billions of stories to be told. We asked our fans to tell us their favourite scissor-related stories, and collected the best ones below.  

One billion stories

Since 1967, Fiskars has sold over a billion pairs of our iconic orange-handled scissors. A billions scissors sold means there must be billions of stories to be told. We asked our fans to tell us their favourite scissor-related stories, and collected the best ones below.  

Shared memories

Many of your scissors stories involved different hair cutting incidents, so we decided to make a short video to celebrate this popular memory.

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Shared memories

“In the 1970s I went on a month-long course to Hamburg. With me I had a pair of Fiskars scissors to cut my beard with. (The style of the times allowed for self-grooming.) One day my scissors were gone. I asked about them in the reception. "I really hope you're not suspecting our employees of stealing!", came the response in a thick local accent. I went to my course. In the evening the lady who managed the hotel came to my room with a familiar pair of scissors in her hand and apologised fervently. "I can't believe someone would mistake your scissors for the hotels'!" I could tell that the apology came from the heart and accepted it. On my next trip I brought a new pair of scissors to give her as a gift. It was the best investment I have ever made! I'll leave it to you to figure out why...”

- Seppo


“When I moved back to our farm, it was a natural choice to bring my beloved sewing scissors with me. I was trying hard to protect them by making sure that they would only be used to cut fabric with. One day my dad emerged from the cowshed, put the scissors on the table and said "these are the best scissors I've ever used to cut cows' tails with!" I didn't have the heart to say anything about it.”

- Paula

“I won three pairs of Fiskars scissors and a scissor sharpener in a sewing competition in 1985. I still use them and am now a custom sewer by profession, so they've been a great asset.”

- Sirpa

“I got my first "real" pair of scissors when I was 6. My late granddad surprised me with a pair of yellow children's scissors, which were perfect for practicing cutting before starting school. 24 years later those same scissors are still in frequent use and remind me of my granddad. Now my own son is practicing cutting with them.”

- Elina

“We trim the dog and the hamster's nails with the long, sharp-edged, pointy Fiskars scissors. Once I almost panicked, when I thought I had thrown away the scissors with the dog hair into the trash. The next day I was diving around in the trash can looking for the scissors. I found the hair bag, but not the scissors. In the end I found the scissors in the house. They are so dear to me that I didn't even mind the unnecessary roaming around in the trash, as long as I found them.”

- Susanna 

“Fiskars scissors were a big part of my childhood – they were the best tool ever to fringe the plastic tablecloth with. Every time I did it I got a scolding from my parents, but when a new tablecloth was taken out I still couldn’t resist to get my scissors out and let the fringing begin!”

- Riitta

“I got my first pair of sewing scissors when I was 14. They were pink and the package included a matching pair of yarn scissors. I carried around the yarn scissors in my bag for years. Once at a camp in Tornio a girl got herself a mohawk thanks to me and my pink mini-Fiskars.  Me and my newfound friend were very pleased with the result, but apparently her mom and boyfriend didn't quite agree.”

- Ida

“I have several pairs of Fiskars. Sometimes I buy patterned scissors just because of how they look: they make a nice ornament for the kitchen wall. I'm constantly on the lookout for more scissors.”

- Leena

“The superb and relatively expensive Fiskars sewing scissors were so popular in the beginning of the 80s that they frequently slipped into students’ backpacks in school. As a result, every student group had to stay after class to count the number of scissors left in a designated scissor rack. The scissors are still the best on the market!”

- Pirjo

“I associate my orange Fiskars with a lot of good memories from my childhood, like granny cutting dill and chives at our cabin during the summer. Nothing earthshaking or special, precisely the regular everyday things that most of our lives consist of and that Fiskars Classic scissors are an essential part of.”

- Sari

“Me and my husband moved to our first common home in 1982 and one of our first investments was a pair of Fiskars Classic General Purpose Scissors. The same scissors are still serving us well, thanks to a few sharpenings with Fiskars own sharpener. A well-functioning pair – just like me and my husband still are.”

- Marita

“Three children, three pairs of scissors. They all left the house with the children. Finally I had to get myself my own pair!”

- Outi

Gallery of your scissors

“My Fiskars are forever. The tattoo turned two years in the end of May, so the scissors are not that old yet. My aim when going to the tattoo shop was to get a pair of Fiskars fabric scissors on my calf. They looked a bit oversized on my skinny leg, so we chose to change them to a pair of universal scissors. Now I’ll carry around my scissors with pride wherever life takes me.”

- Elina

Gallery of your scissors

“My go-to scissors. They used to belong to my grandmother before I inherited them. I never saw her use any other scissors. They’re still sharp, even though they’ve never been sharpened as far as I know.”

- Jyrki

“About 10 years ago I bought a pair of orange-handled kitchen scissors at a fleamarket in Sweden, and they still work. I wonder if the number 79 refers to the year they were made?”

(Good guess, that's exactly what it means!)

- Marianne

“My childhood scissors from the 90s. I still use them sometimes, although the user comfortability has decreased slightly due to the handling by the dog…”

- Mira

“My mom got these nail scissors in the maternity package in the summer of '90 when I was born. The scissors were used to cut the first finger nails of little Baby Jussi 25 years ago, and today I used the same scissors to cut my nails yet again. My nails will be in perfect shape for my wedding next weekend. I have never had other nail scissors that are as good. Thanks, mom, for hanging on to these! I will give you another update on my scissor situation around the time I celebrate my 50th birthday.”

- Jussi